Unlike any other martial art,


Varmakalai has a "healing" feature.


Podi kizhi :
Dry medicines like Rakthachandanam, Pepper, Cardamom etc.. taken in powder form for making Pottali. We are using more than 100 medicines for the treatment.


Ila kizhi :
Potali made with fresh medicines like leaves, coconut, lemon etc.. For the treatment after processing.



Mamsa kizhi :
Potali made with processed mamsa along with medicated Rice and other herbs. It is a type of nourishing therapy.



Malsya kizhi :
It is a special kizhi made by processed malsya(fish) along with special medicines. Usually it is used for nourishment therapy.




Regular body activities enhances or maintains physical and mental fitness for a human body.

Our hospital use to follow specific disease wise regular exercises to avoid the reoccurrence of the disease wise and to immunise the body. There are many activities not to be done in every diseases particularly 'sheershasana' should be avoided in cervical problems, over weight lifting in lumbar spine problems. We are use to train and make practice our technicians to give a better treatment.

In future we are planned for Kung-fu, Kalari classes for patients and wellwishers.



Our oil is traditionally prepared from the references of classical texts and prepared by our own. It works to remove inflammation of whole body and make sufficient blood circulation.

It has an ability to dissolve the excess fluid and blood clots in the case of any injury such as fracture, dislocation, sprains etc.. Also has a main efficiency in making the synovial fluid in all the minute joints so that it can lubricate the joints.


Varmakalai is a traditional art of vital points. It is component of traditional massage, alternative, and martial art in which the body's 108 pressure points(Varmam) are manipulated to heal or cause harm. The healing application called VaidhiyaMurai is used to treat patients suffering from paralysis, hemiplegia, nerves disorder, sciatica, spondylitis, phlegm, stroke, arthritis and other conditions. There are 108 Varma points or nerve centres in the human body. They would be the common factor for human beings death, life long diseases, treatments and health.

According to puranic stories, Varmakalai was born in a sea when a war broken out between Lord Siva, Lord Brahma and Lord Vishnu for their over lordship. During the war, Lord Vishnu became unconscious. Lord Brahma applied adangals to him and soon he was recovered.

In the beginning Lord Brahma created this world, very soon it had been occurred many transformations of itself by the evolution of five elements or pancha-boothas (water, air, fire, earth and ether) and its attraction. As a result Varmam also appeared. It was handed over from Parvathi to Nandhi deva, then to Dhanvanthri and provided it to Lord Muruga. He provided it to agasthiyar, agasthiyar to bogar and then to siddhars. Siddhars followed this.


The origin of this great art was mixed with puranic stories. Once it was a kind of martial art with full of techniques known as Varma adi or Varma attack. In the beginning, it was used as medicine but it was also used as a defensive art Kung-fu, Kalaripayattu and Silambam and took changes from time to time.

There are sufficient proof to establish that this divine art was spread to other countries from India through Jain & Buddhist monks in early period. By the arrival of Chinese in India, there was a growth of Varmakalai in China. The Acu-puncture and Acu-pressure of China was the developed version of Varmakalai.